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The Ramped Careers Fellowship is an 8-week, online, tuition-free program that offers practical sales & business development training to college seniors and recent graduates

We partner with the best companies and educational institutions:

Program Benefits

Ramped Careers Scholars are positioned for success with top employers

On-demand sales training designed to help you hit the ground running from Day 1

Match day where program graduates are evaluated by our network of employers

Access to unique perks and benefits upon successful completion of the program

Success in the First 90 Days as an SDR

Qualities of Successful Sales & Business Development Professionals

Sales Tech Stack that will Define the Industry in 2020 and Beyond

“Ramped taught us things that we wished we had learned in college. Learning about business development in college will give any future BDR a huge leg up”

- Huruy Zeratsion, BDR @ Simpo

“There are hardly any students coming out of college today with the sales skills they need to dominate the sales development role. It’s tough to land your first job, get up to speed on your company and product, and learn how to sell, all at once. Going through Ramped will give an aspiring salesperson a leg up on the field. They’ll land a job easier, ramp in the role faster, and hit quota more consistently.”

- Erasmo Ortega, SDR @ Teampay

“As a sales manager of 45 sales development team members, Ive seen the positive impact a tailored training program can have on new reps. Training and enablement can be the difference between a team of underperformance with high turnover and a team of sales rockstars hitting quota every month! Participating in a training program to gain foundational sales skills while still in college will set you up for long-term career success.”

- Annie Harrison, Head of West Account Development @ Mulesoft

“To succeed in the SDR role, you have to have a strong foundation of sales skills. The quicker you can pick up these real-world skills the more success you’re going to have. Unfortunately, most SDRs are forced to learn these skills on the job or by trial and error. A program like Ramped would expedite the learning curve so that SDRs can hit goals, faster, easier and more often.”

- Zach Esparza, SDR @ TeamPay